Marisa Mazria Katz

Journalist, Producer, Editor

I’m a journalist focused on art and politics. I report on stories around the world and support artists in publishing award-winning stories in The New Yorker, BuzzFeed News, and more 

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What others have said about my work

Artists can help us see around corners … they can help us interrogate the world we live in. I think artists really have an ability to help the culture at large gain a better understanding of the relationship of society and issues we face.

New York Times

"...her conversations with artists reveal a sensitivity to how a work of art can carry the complexity of an individual’s experience, especially by quietly illuminating that which is usually hidden from view."

New York Review of Books

"After joining Creative Time, Katz spent a year traveling to meet and talk about the project with artists in Tunisia, to explore the post-revolutionary climate in North Africa; Hungary, during the country’s constitutional crisis; Dubai, as a starting point for discussions about the Middle East; and Nairobi, Kenya, an economic hub in East Africa."

Columbia Journalism Review

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Some of my most impactful projects


Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism

With the team at Eyebeam I helped launch a program to fund and support artists publishing work in major news outlets. Several award-winning pieces came out of this program under my tenure.

Creative Time

Artists on the News

On behalf of Creative Time, I interviewed 16 artists working in journalism and compiled their stories into a 239 page book. What challenges do artists face?

New York Review of Books

Israel’s War on Culture

An article on the difficulties artists in and around Israel have faced from government pressure.

Wall Street Journal

Buried Treasure

Archaeologists are racing to save Afghanistan’s cultural heritage before the Chinese start digging on one of the world’s most valuable new copper mines.